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Please tell us what Ravenland does in a few sentences not a paragraph

A worthy question is, can we simplify our ideas so that they are more understandable? You’d certainly hope so!

What is ravenland. In a sentence or two. IMPOSSIBLE! But I will try!

The central founding idea of Ravenland is to create a fair, equal, non competitive community ran economic and commercial resource, so minimalistically, this is what we do, but the nuances of that are very complex and require more thought;

Such a thing would disrupt if not entirely replace the Google’s, Youtube’s, Amazons and Ebay with services that doesn’t hold buyers and sellers captive in their market or break the customer’s bank by supporting massive wastefullulz corporations with shareholders creating features the customer doesn’t need and salaries that are unjustified for the product and services received open source + free community ran and community owned. Or maybe even wars that none of the people in each of the countries need or want, except for the few minority in power controlling the sociopolitical motivations of people by deception. We want to use blockchain to create a viable economic and social economic model, that is philosophically honest, and technologically rigid to ensure trust can be regained in our society, if not for financial and economic success, for social and psychological wellbeing of our people. As wealth divide becomes greater and greater, and defence budget spending spirals out of control, money that is urgently needed by millions of those in famine and poverty and can be saved right now immediately if humanity could trust each other better, it is a worthy goal and cause, and one that although was insurmountable previously in days before computers and networks, may soon yet change the existential, moral and philosophical highway of government and commerce.

Feel the excitement coming!

In the UK a company called WONGA was charging the underprivileged 1500% APR on their loans, the social and economic policies of our government allowed it for many years, ruining and in many cases ending people’s lives due to completely irrational debts and broken commercial economic modelling, had some community organisation existed, those people who were taken advantage of then would maybe still love to now to put their money towards something that allowed them to look after their kids or stop them getting evicted from their tenancy if they thought supporting it could help them out and not be the robbery of many financial institutions today. i.e. the problem trust, decentralization of financial services, ease of access and use, customer education. It is true that loans APR rate is determined by the ability of the lendee to repay their mortgage, it is however a false and criminal statement to suggest that 1500% APR is required to ensure the recovery, in many regards, and is well established by social and economic data, the main reason why such credit lines are least likely to pay, to therefore justify the high rate, is because of the high rate, in other words, in some respects economically and environmentally certain businesses attitude and approach may be intentionally destroying the fundamental economic and social bindings which made us honest, trustful human beings – and instead a new disease of thinking – the self-fulfilling prophecy of financial jurisdiction is created.

Where the wealthy, are able to leverage their capitalization in such a way that those chosing to finance at 1500% APR with them, shall never be allowed to be independent or free. I propose it is not their fault but the way that social and technological systems are agreed upon, trusted and adopted.

It is proposed by us at Ravenland that the social political situation in our world, actually allows an economic or governmental organisation to justify unfair rates, because of the social condition the unfair rates create to begin with. The definition of a lie which is disseminated in order to maintain the lie that 1500% APR is a justification because of the lendee’s inability to pay, when in fact the very system of governance and commerce created an environment already by their high rates meaning these people would never be able to pay.Such things in modern technological social societies are easily missed, and are controlled with great difficulty, even with government regulation. Something is needed then, by the underprivileged to stop this undercurrent of dishonest untrustworthy criminal behaviour, which creates an economic efficiency in our world which is great.

Thi is but one example of social debt that is so extra ordinary, the only persons of liquidity to help are those that lent them the money to begin with, in such a case where so grossly high and dishonest social rates are created, not only creates division among society, but erodes the human efficiency and wellbeing of others, and therefore all, for the individuals order to gain capital value. A system of incremental madness if there were one!

The situation described politically and socially is like us in our humanity outbidding another for peace when it comes at an all time price of 0, and charging those least able to pay higher interest makes little sense other than to profit if it is done to maintain an unsustainable financial debt based economic structure which relies on the inflation of currency value to secure housing and currency issue that does not exist yet. There is a word for this inflationary economic activity created by governments, and it should surely be taking the value and the work of other people, and making it worth less so that people (governments, businesses) can build structures they could not afford, and people can mine it for them. Someone has to pay eventually. The cost is efficiency, and equality. A solution to this problem is now going at an all-time low price.

Ravenland aims to end this unfair situation once and for all, and will develop applications to preserve humanities achievements, to prevent censorship of the words and votes of men, and create organisation that allows something that has never been before done in humanity.

These are bold ideas. New ideas. Frightening ideas. Efficient ideas.

If the general public knew how hedging was depriving them of worth as much as debt based inflationary governance – there would be riots indeed. More people should understand how finance and governance really works, and look at ways to disrupt it in a useful way – rather than the way in which only allows them to justify a bad, fundamentally wrong, and socially and politically unfair system.

Fight the system. Free yourselves. It is possible, it may not be yet. But it shall be one day. Hear our message on the Ravencoin network and listen!

Cheers &
Best wishes,

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