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Greetings RavenLand community!

I’ve been talking with traysi from Ravencoin Community, and most of our objectives are achievable with Ravenland in terms of using the Ravencoin asset layer and public key to keep track of land permit and ownership. Any statement can be signed by a public key which is only interchangeable with a private key.

Conceivably then, one could create a piece of land asset, and then, that signature can be verified on the other side to validate that it came from the owner of the key in question, exactly in the same manner that existing legal registry happens and is proven except a private key, and an associated guardian of the real legal property and land deeds is able to initiate the transaction as any regular land transaction. Naturally much investigation work is required in the logistics, so Ravenland will be primarily concentrating on the Identity/passport service, and essentially tackling the programmatic problems which exists first in a proof of concept. This will feature in our open source retail product before we are more able to move onto more legally and logistically challenging objectives – the technology is all the same and therefore our decentralized films, decentralized archive, and decentralized retail services are all closely aligned with each other and their programmatic functioning .

Our next step is working on a legal framework. If there are any solicitors/lawyers/estate agents that believe they might be able to contribute to the Ravenland community ethos, the open and free land and estate. Then please reach out to one of the community admins on discord. Ravenland, because why not buy land using open source and without stupidly high finders fee, and keep land ownership proof in a digital blockchain format? That is the power that is coming to the Bitcoin fork we affectionately known as Ravencoin, once it asset layer activates on the 31st October 2018! Hold onto your horses folks, its gonna be a wild ride !! Naturally, we’d like to see the digital blockchain format as a supplement to estate and land transactions to begin. Expecting such a wild change from an industry that is really, thousands of years old, may be asking too much. At the very least we’re confident that a blockchain can make accessible, cheaper, and more convenient something that human beings have been doing for a long time. Long live Raven Coin! – more information will be coming on our site soon at https://www.ravenland.org/

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