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Ravenland website Frontend is up!

We’re proud to announce the updated ravenland.org website is now online! We will be including on this site a range of relevant Ravencoin services for our community of economics and developers. We will also¬† be providing a whitepaper there concerning the work we can are doing in community ran and owned securitization of land registry and open source retail settlement layer for commercial retail.


Check out our mini site!

Recently, since our launch last Sunday the concentration is on looking at the Testnet for the raven asset layer before 31 Oct launch, backend for Ravenland, and specifically extending the asset layer functionality of the Traysi’s pocketraven (https://github.com/traysi/pocketraven) fork (take a look its awes) of outcast3k’s coinbin fork (https://github.com/OutCast3k/coinbin/) to support necessary functions required for the Ravenland core site functions. We are looking at core functionality of what the Ravencoin ‘internet’ might look like, and the specific utility of representing objects as a filesystem, or as an infrastructure within the Ravencoin blockchain and IPFS for when asset layer launches.

For the larger assets there will be bounty. We are discussing this with project stakeholders, community admins and the Ravencoin community to determine the best way forward. Since this is an MIT licensed approach, it means that our software will be reusable by any. So any estate agent will be able to do things the Ravenland way. As is our intention, real quality and business acumen is making something available that is so superior, people do not need to pay for it, to make the asset (that we all hold in the Ravencoin community) of worth. Investing in value, is investing in Ravenland, and investing in Ravenland , is investing in Ravencoin :smiley:

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