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revolutionary technology isnt revolutionary because of technology its revolutionary because of what it lets people do THAT THEY COULDNT DO OR THOUGHT OF BEFORE

Hey there. Welcome to the Ravenland Developer Blog. I’m push. One of the founding members of the Ravenland community council. We’re a small software house I started last year. We started working on Ravencoin around the October 31st – 5th November 2018 launch of the Ravencoin Asset Layer. We Registered our asset token ‘RAVENLAND’ for the express purpose of putting together a new type of community ran development group, and started our journey towards what we call the open-source retail platform we affectionately now know as Ravenland. Over the months that followed Ravenland established itself as a software house dedicated to the fun, exploration and expansion of meaning of new and existing technology such as IPFS and DHT, and opening a little doorway to those interested others that might wish to share it. Torrent technology, such as DHT has been around for ages, just like php and mysql had been when facebook and youtube started using them.

As a company we have made it a founding principle of our ethos, to ensure all that work for us understand that succesful technology doesn’t come about from a new way of doing things, new ways of doing things with technology comes about by allowing human beings to achieve something they never did before. Or. Something they’d never dreamed of doing before. That’s what the instagrams, the facebook’s, the twitters and the youtube’s are doing. They weren’t reinventing the wheel, they were using the same one (namely php and mysql) existing ‘advanced’ database and programming technologies. It wasn’t made great by what it was, it was made great by how what it was underneath was used, and the people that produced that software had that understanding too.

The apple’s and the microsoft’s, the Amazon’s, the ebay’s and the Paypal’s as succesful commercial and economic objectives, do not come about by purely co-incidental means, but increments of carefully weighted steps. The proof that a company, or technology can fall far, before ever being recognised as the giant it is in sleeping.

KAWWWW. Welcome to the Ravenland, Ravencoin Developer blog.

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