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I’m happy to announce that Ravenland now has a presence in LON, in our LON1 datacentre which we’ve been commissioning the building of throughout the summer of 2018. It was ready just in time for the launch of the Ravencoin Asset Layer today. So that’s just great.

We’re looking forward to building out the necessary infrastructure relevant to a company like Ravenland and all the relevant software services necessary for us to create the worlds first community ran community owned estate using the Ravencoin network and asset layer.

We’re a software house too, not just an aspiring securitized open source platform, and therefore we have two divisions.
1) Community Open Source Retail. (COSR)
2) Commercial Development & Infrastructure (CDI)

We split things up like this, so that unlike the other businesses that failed at ICO level in the greatest market proof and test of the century, Ravenland as a software house can be adequately adapted economically, do the needful, in terms of executability, and grow commercial and economic incentive for our and our customers survival.

Part of this process is understanding the organisational requirements, responsibilities, fiduciary duties and the legal process of securitized financial vehicles to properly enable th e capitalization of a community economy softwares, and this will involve much investigating our subject and resource much like any foundation we believe is best done so openly and as an MIT community led license of effort. This Ravenland community is therefore with a goal of more fully encompassing the aspects required for a community estate, and imagining what this might look like in a production system architected infrastructure or software. Therefore our development team here at Ravenland are forming an important role in the new internet, by innovating existing technology in useful ways that can show the community there is a better way to sell and buy online, and make securities, and it can be done simply, and effectively with basic technology when there exists prototypes like the Ravencoin Asset Layer. We exist as a business and have integrated ourselves into a role to enable modern commerce and retail on this platform, and provide not just a technical, and philosophical resource, but an infrastructural and organisational one as well. Although these are big challenges, I know that our community can do this together.

These servers will help us do it, I think! They are frugal servers, but they are functional! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us on our Discord server it has been amazing to see so many joining our quest!

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