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Creating an Asset on Ravencoin Asset Layer is easy. It takes just a few seconds if you already have a Ravencoin wallet. You can get yourself a Ravencoin wallet by visiting here:


Linux, OSX, Windows among others are supported. So this is technology that is accessible to everyone.

Ravencoin Asset Layer is actually a modification of the Bitcoin ledger that Ravencoin is primarily based on, with the ability to add something called an IPFS Hash to a token. This allows ‘meta’ data’ or other site-data, userdata, or really any-kind-of-data to be attached to the blockchain. This can be highly useful, for videos, books, libraries, archives, and high security filesystems, as well as uncensorable internets and mediums of interchange. In other word all the important things that trust of humanity is based upon. And, built upon that trust, is the value of all things that money is based. This is why we at Ravenland have chosen Ravencoin. It is a Lion in wait. Ravencoin has a lot of the features and functionalities for creating accessible user tokens that Ethereum had, except with the security of the bitcoin ledger, and although the absence of an EVM, much less to go wrong! Fast and scalable! And many, many usecases, especially since this ‘version’ of the bitcoin code (Ravencoin) has several features relevant to the securitization (stocks and shares) industry as well as important implications for trust, security and freedom of speech among human beings.

The Latest version of the Ravencoin Wallet (January 2019) showing the fields available for an asset added on t he Ravencoin Chain. Notice there is a space for the IPFS Hash.

In other words Ravencoin and it’s asset layer, a fork of bitcoin software is fairly unique in its offering, and although primitive compared to EVM, it appears extremely reliable and resilient to attack, something as the network grows that will become ever greater, and eventually, theoretically it should be economically impossible to influence Ravencoin future forward by a single person. Unlike the traditional securities industry, we believe this software will make a big difference to the securities market. And open up a new world of estate and joint land ownership and communities of economy. Ravenland aims to build tools for this to enable them. Watch this space!

“contract_address”: “RBc29FBcdEbFjcoKsknbc77opcXSziaDR4”,
“symbol”: “RAVENLAND”,
“name”: “RAVENLAND”,
“issuer”: “RAVENLAND.ORG The worlds first community ran and owned estate agent”,
“description”: “RavenLand: community owned estate agent fund”,
“description_mime”: “text/x-markdown; charset=UTF-8”,
“type”: “Points”,
“website_url”: “https://www.ravenland.org”,
“image_url”: “https://ravenland.org/img/ravenland-logo.b063eaab.png”,
“contact_name”: “Adam”,
“contact_email”: “[email protected]”,
“contact_address”: “TBA”,
“contact_phone”: “TBA”,
“restricted”: “rule144”

The above is an excerpt of the file that we have attached to our RAVENLAND asset on November the 5th 2018. Note that although these fields are listed in Ravencoin’s Tron medium article as ‘supported’ you can bulk your own fields, or really, any kind of file . So instead of this JSON you could upload an image. Or an MP4. Or a list of images or mp4’s. Literally the sky is the limit. I think most of the fields are self evident but if anybody needs clarification they should take a look at the Ravencoin Metadata Specification.

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