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Ravencoin provides a wallet. To many, this wallet is their fond friend for sending ravencoin and other assets to and from other addresses, so for many, the only RPC functions (that is to say the software functions of the wallet) being used are listasset, transfer asset and send rvn. That said, the Ravencoin wallet supports many different functions, from low level data being retrieved concerning addresses, their source, and confirmation times, all the way up to information on specific assets, specific address holders, and more. Behind the scenes a lot more is going on though, the entire network tens of thousands of graphical processing chips all validating this data.

This allows rich and useful utilities to be created in the same manner as many traditional databases or UNIX filesystems comprise of multiple pieces of infrastructure, tied by the same uniform architecture of a cpu instruction set to give unique aspects of security, access, identification and execution, except instead through some clever wizardry forking the bitcoin ledger, and the implementation of massive Graphical Processor Unit farms, and the Interplanetary Filesystem Ravencoin cleverly ties together a massive potential of software infrastructure never seen before.

A kind of existential internet2.0 is therefore borne, where ravencoin preserves your hash strings, and your hashes preserves your data , and store it via 3 R’s – redundant, reliable and resilient. A new concept only recently introduced by API, RPC, and Cloud networks Ravencoin and IPFS combined with the RPC functions represents every bit the advanced software we seen from BTC and BCH except that it has additional functions, is increasingly easier to use , accessible, aswell as relevant to a tokenized securities industry, a market which, is still yet in its infancy.

This – combined perhaps with these utility features, for software architecting makes Ravencoin truly an exciting proposition for the modern blockchain developer, as, he gets to choose how he uses blockchain, and indeed individuals must choose the way in which they put this data together, very much in the same way youtube, googles and instagrams had to choose how to put human social data together in ways that people hadn’t considered before. Indeed although Ethereum has many qualities desirable in it’s EVM, Ravencoin leaves developers to their own creativity, and therefore created a much simpler, and yet equally powerful way to tokenize securities, and represent utility to filesystem and data processing economies. Many of which (youtube + archive.org, wikipedia et al), have been _running at a substantial loss for decades).

Ravencoin and, Ravenlands software will allow people as communities to overcome these many limitations, in Ravencoin RPC an exciting opportunity awaits us!

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