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Hey all, so here is a little experiment I am putting together using the Ravencoin RPC functions and the IPFS API.

We have finished implementing the necessary list assets functioning and listbalance functions for the user wallet, leaving identity database work to be done at backend for these snippets.

Right now a user can submit his address, and receive a distributed token.Ā  Also members of the public may send test tokens to our faucet for testing distribution. We think a lot of this testing on the Ravencoin network is necessary to test higher volume transactions of the network, and find and remedy any issues that might appear on mainnet. An example of this might be the testnet and mainnet DUST issue. Sometimes nothing beats a real test. Because sometimes testing – is just not enough!!

The faucet software we have created supports multiple coins. This is a just for fun prototype, but we wanted to create something for the Ravencoin community that also filled a hole. Before people were sending assets to eachother in a non automated way, and now we open up some doors as to the automation of these processes.

Please do not send tokens of financial worth to the faucet. This is intended for test assets only! Testing. Testing 123.

Also the CATE coin test is my cat. Long live CATE. I’m really happy, and so is my CATE.

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