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Ravenland Core Values

As a company we have developed some core values that we believe should encompass a commercial or industrial product, the frame of sociopolitics and individual achievement, and the economies therein;



CONTRIBUTE. Life’s not about me, its about we, if we feel like we are contributing to someone else, then we don’t just get something, we become something. And what you get never makes you happy long-term. What you become though, has the power to make you very happy or very sad. What will become of us? RAVENLAND.


APPRECIATION – Perhaps your already contributing to the community, but maybe you are not taking the time the time to really appreciate the strength of the Ravencoin community and what it can do for you and how we can help each other. Every moment of your life you have to decide what we are going to focus on what does it mean, and what are we going to do, are we being punished or rewarded by present means of services. How will we feel in 20 years? how did we feel about this 20 years ago?


ECONOMIC SUCCESS – A successful ICO other than being economically feasible must be firstly contributed to ,and second of all appreciated, but most of all it must be practical and fitting. That means: Doing 1. What you want to do 2. Wherever you want to do it. 3. With whom you want. 4. As much as you want. Welcome to the wonderful world of open retail, at ravenland.

THANKS to all who have made it happen! We now have a community exchange which is JFF until our initial release of the full-blown product later next year. As I briefly mentioned it wasn’t ‘me’, it was ‘we’. Ravenland isn’t about ‘us’ , it’s about ‘all of us’. And that will be what’s different about our ICO and other ICO’s. We’re not looking to make any money out of this, but fulfil our objectives, aforementioned. A worthy goal perhaps if there was one, the worlds first community owned community ran asset exchange, Ravenland. We’re here ! Thanks again to all of the kind people who have supported us this far and are supporting our strange and unusual, elaborate but simple in their root ideas and definitions about a fairer, more rational and efficient economic backdrop!

Best wishes,

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