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Ravenland Decentralized Films Service

Hey all. So I was talking to some friends about IPFS and the JSON specification and I thought, that, we could bulk some IPFS fields ourselves with our own IPFS hashes within a nonstandard non metadata spec as defined at https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/blob/master/assets/asset_metadata_spec.md

but still encompass most of the goals I had about creating an interplanetary archive service, or ‘historic films’ service. This is nice, this shows Ravencoin has a use to store hashes. It shows that IPFS can store films, and theoretically, films as tokens can be distributed between token holders, or even encrypted with the public key of the source or destination holder. This means that youtube/archive.org/wikipedia like activity is easily possible on the Ravencoin and IPFS  chains. It’s good because it means that things about the world and people can be preserved forever!

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