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Faucet UI and Feature Set Upgrades

I carry an UI upgrade for the faucet in line with our Ravenland base theme, I have written a search function for the faucet that connects to a primitive asset explorer api prototype via Ravencoin wallet, giving information about balances, and wh ether they are owned or not_owned by Ravenland.

Meanwhile, our frontend and backend developers are engaged in carrying some of this process and experience over in our production MVP with some nodejs view states and SQL express js db.

I have been drafting out some of our UML diagrams for all of decentralized open source retail product which is coming next year in 2019.

It has been an exciting christmas time, and someone having begun sending some offensive or potentially dangerous assets to our faucet we have chosen to begin auditing incoming assets to prevent any unauthorised test assets being sent to the faucet.

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