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Ravenland Decentralized Blockchain Films UI Upgrade for Prototype site

I’ve been working on carrying forward the UI changes in our base theme that we applied to the faucet to our film sites as well. which vastly improves the experience. I have also created some basic functions for filtering by year in the API backend, as well as by category.

We didn’t carry the filter changes forward in production yet as there is more important work to be done now, they work the same way as our prototype and are not expensive functions resource-wise.

Suffice it to say we are working on carrying this over to the existing retail product objectives we have already pegged for release next year in our open source content blockchain platform presently in development quietly behind scenes.

So these functions will serve a part of that. The prototype is fun but we need to make sure the development time of this small development house up till now and future going forward is spending time frugally, and only where needed – since there is not much resources in our small ship.

Thanks for everyone who is making Ravenland great. Ravencoin is truly awesome KAWWW!

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