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Asset Explorer Backend Database Work

I’m engaging in development of the backend database, for asset explorer an extension thereupon of the the PHP and BASH software I wrote that extracted data primitively for my API, and more formally encapsulating the data within a database for search and complex query.

For performance reasons of slow syncs, I ran the Ravencoin release in a ramdisk (tmpfs) partition, which runs the entire 5GB or so blockchain inside of the memory of the machine, vastly increasing the time to fast byte and therefore significantly speeding up the ‘gaps’ between foreach item.

It’s an efficient process , after architecting a necessary database and the relevant containers, filesystems and data types, I was able to load the entire database within a few minutes from ravencoin RPC, of 16,000 or so Ravencoin assets. When retrieving files from IPFS the time is slightly longer still, because it involves other remote hosts in the interplanetary filesystem network, as well as data transfer, which at any given speed take an amount of time.
Happy with our movement here, should have a block explorer running ravencored and a blockchain asset explorer for Ravencoin up by the end of the week if work continues at this rate.

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