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Ravenland Building 2 Complete

I’m happy to announce that our Building 2 is complete and we are now moved in and operating at optimum capacity. It’s great to have a place to base our operations, but more than that – it’s nice to have SPACE for them aswell. I’m still finishing racking devices and building our new Amazon Network failsafes for the load balancing and scaling of our services, so they’re might be a little bump here and there in the transit and service mesh as I bring the company up to the Continuous Integration standards that would be expected of a global enterprise blockchain development software house such as Ravenland. Let alone a community owned and ran one. I’ve spent a lot of my own money getting the company this far.

I hope that it’s the right thing, and that others can share our dream, and recognise what it is we’ve identified.
I’d really like to give this company away. That’s what I’d like to do the most. And I don’t expect people to understand my justifications. Except this. If you want to do something that is really meaningful, if it is very big-stakes, then the only way to succesfully bring that trust, is to find it, and then give it. We have to give something to get something back, it is not an unfair equality in life, it is the one that our nations of community may have forgot, and why many lay in misery. I’d like to make a difference to world poverty and opportunities of the poor, the only way to prove that, the only way to really mean it is to eventually give it away.

Ravenland Community ran community owned! KAWWW!!

Yeah it was my idea to bring the old racing simulator I built at Rackspace into the office. That’s also a killer instinct mini arcade there. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit the time crisis through the office doors. One day perhaps though when we are bigger. Another big hobby of mine is custom and classic arcades and computer game programming and music. So if I find an excuse to combine these skills with Ravenland somehow, I’m sure I will.


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