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I honestly fear that for a while, maybe a year or more what it is that we are doing at Ravenland may be misunderstood, ignored, or misinterpreted. That’s okay, I’m a big believer that sometimes we have to be patient, not only with our own ideas, but with the receiver of them.

Sometimes its better just to build on what it is you have, and demonstrate it, execute it, and model it, before presenting it again. This is a difficult process, and for us as we approach seed funding, which is important for us to secure the financial and economic future of our business model, it is a stressful time! We concentrate on the prototype to convince our community, but most of all to transparently show what it is we can do, how we do it, and most importantly why we spent all this money on our setup, just to give the company away again.

It’s a unique approach, but a methodical and technically pragmatic execution of the business intelligence we have gathered thus far.

Only a fool would raise a company from the ground only to give it away, so they said to me.


The depiction of many an ICO. Pump N Dump’

No company can exist under normal economic circumstances is ever in a position that it can give itself away, yet in order to gain trust, so is the saying that one must give out – to get back.

So are both a common belief of many in this fine society we have, so far, in this grand old world. Is it not just what technology can change the way we think? but also the way technology can change what we think can be done? If so the utopian dream starts with an explanation of the nightmare and why it is inefficient and thus technically why it is inevitable technological evolution will eventually improve human beings trust between each other – to build something more meaningful. To do that we need not just technology, but people’s understanding so that they know that now what was impossible before, can now be done. The market is immature and new, the ICO’s pump and dump scheme failure might show that already, but what it also shown is that there is a hunger out there for a better way, and whilst many argue the way forward is regulation. Also the way forward is understanding the power of the people, and the inefficiency of our nations.


The Ravenland Lon-1 Datacentre is fully racked and operational to launch our flagship product.

The situation in Venezuela is rife. There is no trust between government and it’s people and therefore there is famine and poverty. This reinforces the idea that poverty and disadvantaged vulnerability in social context is a result of a breakdown of trust which exists between peers within countries as well as between countries as peers of each other. Technology and human ingenuity hasn’t yet stepped in but it can.

People are at a disadvantage for no other reason than that they are completely disempowered. It is because there is no other system other than the ones that exist. There are many examples of economic catastrophe that demonstrate economic and social behavioural systems are very, very inefficient, and it is frightening to me as a software engineer that more hasn’t been done so far. The truth is though, as much as could be done so far has been. And as much as people are willing to do, will be done. And this is how it has always been.

Utopian dream they say but don’t they continue to go on to believe in their own nightmares?

Adam bull, Ravenland

The GDP of the notgotwallstreets is there, and enough to be meaningful, what is not there is the foundation and trust, and specifically the organisational accessibility for them to leverage their economic and GDP to any great utility.



With the reliance of government and corporation , there is no open source and truly co-operative entity that protects the vulnerable, instead these are corporations like gambling corporations and loan corporations, they deliver stellar profits to their shareholders which are commonly not the people who their sole income is originating, this creates wealth divide. The housing and estate industry reads the same. And yet they say it is a utopian dream. And yet, they continue to believe the nightmare they have been born into.

“People are looking for someone they can trust but so far as yet that person doesn’t really exist but inside NATIONS consisting of groups of individuals that oppose others nations comprised too of groups of individuals, and although each one can likely solve each others world famine and poverty, or other existential concerns, they continue not to trust each other and the price that humans pay is economic and emotional.”

Until some people come up with some system to allow human beings to do something they had never done before, or , even, something they believed that could not be done until such a system appeared, or enough people were using it. So was the successes of the twitters and facebooks, instagrams and youtube’s, though these projects did not succeed for the technology that they were built upon, namely SQL and PHP, they existed as successes because of the people who built onto them, namely because of what people could now do. Do not be quick to call the foolish utopia, when tools exist that we can #buidl upon. Remember many social conditions don’t continue to exist because there isn’t or cannot be a better way, they exist because there isn’t a better way yet to overcome what has prevented it before.

  • The yearly US defence budget is enough capitalization to solve poverty and famine worldwide.
  • The thing that makes money devalue is the unfair or unsustainable economic adjustment by inflation of a currency by monetary organisations to increase debt, at the cost of the persons within the economic zone of GDP.
  • The thing that prevents poverty and famine being solved worldwide immediately is trust between collections or groups of people. (this why defence budget spend exists ultimately).
  • Value of a currency is determined only by trust.
  • When there is no trust. There is always no value.
  • The world is an extra ordinarily inefficient place because of a lack of trust between collections of human beings.
  • The financial resources exist now to solve poverty and famine.
  • The socio political arrangement of lack of technological sophistication presently makes these problems generally insurmountable and
  • This creates a false belief among our civilisation that it is hopeless.

    It is not hopeless. We have found out that the undermining of trust is caused by a lack of each other.

    This is why I realised that giving away the company is like giving people away to each other. The principle of love, peace and respect, and looking back into the far history of man – may yield interesting answers about the behavioural, social, philosophical and technological aspects of our cultures and civilisation, and point the way for the technology of a new future. This is what we are. This is why we do what it is we do, and we do it all in hope that others will share it with us.

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