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A Better Future Ahead for Blockchain

Greetings from Ravenland Lon1, fellow Ravencoiners! February has been an inspiring month for our company as we have an operational datacentre environment well established here in the UK. We are now exploring new and exciting territory in pushing the boundaries of what Ravencoin Blockchain can do, and will do in the future, as part of our Ravenland Blockchain Exchange and Open Retail mission. We’re committed to providing these services to the community, and in return the community has been extremely supportive of us.  We thank all those who have been supportive.

Ravenland Lon1 Facility. From the beginning. Old hardware running New ideas.

With the launch of the many  experimental services since the formation of our company in December 2017, and with the Ravencoin October 2018 Asset fork having passed 6 months ago nearly we can really write live applications on mainnet in production for the Ravencoin community and the wider public. We believe that blockchain will be a pillar of this society , and carry forward generations into the future, and we have planned accordingly.

Welcome to Lon1 Staging and Ravenland Blockchain Terminal Services

The last few months has seen the creation of our Ravencoin Blockchain scrapers, IPFS mirror service, Asset explorer and Multi Asset Faucet service,as we attempt to pave the way for what we surely think is yet to come, and, with the March 2019 Ravencoin Conference at Overstock Utah, Midvale, just around the corner – we’re excited as can be, looking forward to meeting more like minded individuals. in this sphere.

There is no shame in asking man for help. The humble struggle was learning how Bitcoin worked. Then we knew a little bit more about what the technology does, and what we could do with it.

It’s a really exciting time for the Ravenland business and if you’ve never heard of Ravencoin. We’re certain your about to! We’re looking forward to meeting Tron Black and Jeremy Anderson in person next month, and working more with companies like Medici, Tzero and  the Ravencoin community at large, I believe if we work together we can change the world for the better.

Ravenland Assetexplorer undergoes a new design

When we first started writing these apps on the Ravencoin blockchain, we didn’t know that much and we were ‘fresh’, but we’ve since came a little way out, absorbed the knowledge and experience from the benefit of learning from mistakes, we remain confident a deep expansion of our ideas beckons.

Ravencoin, is like bitcoin and represents a fundamental shift that we believe will form and create a the New Digital Token age. One which will shape Securities, the International Exchange market, and trade agreements for decades and centuries to come. You heard it here first!

We are building one of the first examples of a token based dividends and an economic model to suit.

Our hands go together for the wonderful people in this community, and those kind and friendly ones which have helped us along our journey to a Blockchain powered Interational Retail and Markets System which should supersede the bank and website, alike.

Yes, it is a dream, but a great and humble one.

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