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Creating A Second Layer for Ravencoin

Over the last nearly 1 year, we have been working with the Ravencoin blockchain and learning. After forming Team Ravenland late September in 2019, we’ve been able to reach a point where we can execute the design and implementation of a fully functioning Ravencoin Asset exchange, and the first of it’s kind!

A functional Ravencoin Wallet and Second Layer Exchange and Retail API

It feels like a massive task has been accomplished. We’ve come this far. And we’ve kept going, and we went some more. We’re proud of the work we’ve done. It is the result of tens countless thousands of hours of work  and on a very limited budget, it is absolutely thrilling to be able to give this news to the Ravencoin community.


It was a David VS goliath task. But sometimes David can win.

It’s largely thanks to them, their support, encouragement, and ideas that we could come this far. I’d like to personally thank Tron Black and Jeremy Anderson, along with Andrey Patseev, our lead engineer.

It’s been a team effort. We hope that our community enjoys the faciity and efforts! There are multiple features:

  • List Ravencoin Admin Assets
  • Sell Ravencoin Token
  • Buy Ravencoin Tokens
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • User Identity Service
  • (coming soon) Bids / Offers
  • (coming soon) Order Book
  • (coming soon) Index Bundles

The First Ravencoin Asset Exchange, RavenX

Create a Sale on RavenX and buy and sell Ravencoin Asset Tokens

An exciting prospect for ourselves and those within the Ravencoin Community!

For those of those who stood by us, encouraged us, or helped. You have our sincere thanks and appreciation. As we launch RavenX into a new digital asset tokens market, set to revolutionize the retail market, and registry space. We’ve finally assembled the necessary components to build the future we predicted.




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