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A long time coming

Hey all. It’s me push, from Ravenland.

Well, it’d be an understatement to say it hadn’t been a long, and very hard slog to get to where we are right here. When we started operating Ravenland, things were so difficult that every day we all felt like giving up. And after months of small successes and wins around every corner, we came up against another brick wall, a funding shortfall, and numerous technical challenges.

Ravenland push with beard engaged at maximum warp

Since our last posts we have created a small blockchain operating system based on Raspbian for the Raspberry pi (https://ravenland.org/os/). Which includes both Ravencoin full node service auto-start, out of the box solution as well as IPFS daemon, and automation for Ravencoin pinning.

An Operating System for ARM32 architecture such as the Raspberry Pi for Ravencoin and IPFS

We’ve produced a variety of tools for Ravencoin network and expanded beyond our original ideas, to the point where we are capable of engineering computer games (https://game.ravenland.org/), blockchain reward scratchcards using a second asset layer API we created for Ravencoin and even wrote an exchange RavenX (https://ravenX.net).

Prototype Blockchain Reward Card for Ravencoin Asia event

We started to feel a few months ago like every day was difficult again, but we knew, from the experience of having persevered before and somehow getting thru it that it could be a good sign that things would be okay, and even more excitement was yet to come. It turned out that we were right, the entire Ravencoin community has donated to us nearly 200,000 RVN which has made a massive difference to our ability to run community services and to continue providing the tools, insight, ipfs mirrors and explorer services for Ravencoin that we already do.

Since then we’ve also developed our own API’s, Ravencoin scratchcards and a cryptocurrency exchange, and been to 3 conventions to join in the fun! Most of all – we’ve met some really great people that have been kind to us along the way, forming friendships that I am certain will outlast the conventional legacy financial systems! We built our business on this idea!

1. Ravencoin meetup Utah March.

Tron Black on wheels with Ravencoin Mask at Ravencoin March meetup in Utah

2. Ravencoin Amsterdam @ Blockchain Expo EU meet, (Ravenland presented)

3. Ravencoin Asia Meetup where Ravenland presented to an audience of 1000 people!

The whole experience of creating our own Blockchain Software House, and engineering a small part of a freer, more honest debt-free financial future, not just but for me, but all the people who come after me and you, is a rich and rewarding experience. Punishing at best. It’s not easy to have this idea to change the world and have nobody really believe it. We have to step back every day and pinch ourselves that things have really got to this point. We’re preparing to seal our seed round of funding and launch our securities compliant exchange service, and more. Watch this space!

I want to thank Tron, Hardman, Realbokito, jeroz, and especially my dedicated and talented lead developer Andrey Patseev, who without him this venture would have been infinitely smaller and likely would not have succeeded. I’d also like to personally thank the kind people that have hosted at the various events, the Ravencoin Community for supporting us, not just in spirit, but with financial backing. We appreciate it and you have our infinite thanks.

Best wishes,
Founder, Ravenland.org

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