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Creating Digital Asset Tokens for Ravencoin and Linking them to IPFS using Ravenland Mypin

It’s easy to create digital token assets with Ravencoin and link to a file on IPFS. And using raven-qt ravencore and mypin you can do so in seconds!

This simple instructional guide under 2 minutes in 2 easy steps, shows you exactly how to do it.

1) Create an account and login to mypin.io, upload a file from your computer, to create your attachment document on the Interplanetary File System automatically. (this can be a video, image, text file, json, spreadsheet, word document, anything!) ,

2) Copy the Long IPFS HASH from Ravenland mypin.io
3) Use the ravencoin raven-core wallet to create the digital asset token, and use the ipfs reference that mypin provided you in step 1.

That’s it your done! easy huh?

Making digital asset tokens and linking them to IPFS is so simple on Ravencoin! and attaching IPFS objects are made a breeze when using Ravenland mypin.io, part of the Ravenland Toolset.

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