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Ravencoin IPFS Collaborative Cluster

Ravenland are really proud to present the Ravencoin IPFS collaborative cluster hosted within our Lon2 and France2 datacentre locations. With gigabit connectivity and over 4 peers within the cluster it is now possible for people to synchronise all of the IPFS objects on the Ravencoin chain really fast and efficiently with nearly no effort at all with just a single one-liner, and on multiple architectures and operating systems, from Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX. This is really great news for the Ravencoin eco-system. Now Ravencoiners can synchronise IPFS objects on Windows and Linux without having to run RavencoinOS if they want!

ipfs-cluster-follow "ravencoin.network" run --init ipfs-collab.ravencoin.network

Getting started with ipfs-cluster-follow couldn’t be easier on multiple platforms and OS from ARM to amd64, from Windows to Linux and MacOSX. Just have over 100GB free, run IPFS and the ipfs-cluster-follow app and run this oneliner!

Since preserving blockchain data on IPFS referenced by the Ravencoin blockchain, has been a critically important matter from day 1 of the Ravencoin Network, a reliable host network for the IPFS objects on referenced by the Ravencoin blockchain must exist and Ravenland provides this infrastructure.  With some great open source software from the guys from protocol labs creating the ‘web3’, IPFS cluster tools, and a helper application called ipfs-cluster-follow, and ipfs-cluster-service, the Ravenland network in collaboration with ravencoin.network explorer now offer a complete solution for Ravencoin IPFS preservation.

See https://www.ravencoin.network/collab and https://collab.ipfscluster.io/ for full details.

The above video demonstrates one of the nodes in the decentralized cluster-service trusted cluster nodes searching for and homing in on unpinned files within the cluster. This script is ran periodically (every day) and the Ravencoin followers are periodically updated.

In addition all of the Ravencoin ipfs-cluster-follow nodes utilizing the ipfs collaborative cluster utilizing the Ravenland IPNS link, can be simultaneously updated, the guys at IPFS and IPFS cluster truly have put together a truly unique solution which Ravenland, Ravencoin.network has turned into a solution that the entire Ravencoin blockchain can be thankful for in making it a completely convenient and easy mechanism accessible on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X devices to replicate IPFS chain data that the Ravencoin blockchain references.

The latest version of RavencoinOS supports Ravencoin.network Collaborative IPFS Cluster. To download RavencoinOS take a look at https://www.ravenland.org/os. Rpi4 required and 256GB SDcard

Besides this, users who would prefer to use the latest and greatest solution of IPFS cluster on their rpi4 with zero setup can do so with the latest version of RavencoinOS,the blockchain operating system created by Ravenland, experimental support for IPFS cluster has been added to it which is seamless, and automatically will get you started in minutes, however anyone using Windows or Linux can also join in and downloads IPFS cluster follow from here https://dist.ipfs.io/#ipfs-cluster-follow and then types in the oneliner command listed at the top of this page, and the command prompt can quickly get synchronising objects from Ravencoin chain without any additional requirements (besides an IPFS server of course!).

To download RavencoinOS take a look at https://www.ravenland.org/os

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